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Our story:

It was a Diwali time and I wanted to buy a decent Indian Festive Outfit for me. I tried to find a Kurti, Punjabi Suit, Lehenga or ethnic dress for festival. When I checked the online websites, the prices were too high.

After I looked for alternate solutions, my friends suggested me to go to Little India and few other places in Singapore. When I and my husband went there, we found the quality of the clothes were not up to the mark and on the other hand the prices were sky rocketing.

But as it was a festive time and I had no other option, but to buy low quality dress after paying high prices.

This triggered a thought that women like me must be facing the same issue.

And that is where Pehnava Kart is formed to tackle this problem.

Analysis of the problem:

After doing a thorough online and offline research, found that the root cause is long chain in distribution network.

Manufactures produce the products, which is then delivered to agents, then to wholesalers, then to retailers and then to resellers after each player summing up their profits before reaching to the end customers.

On top of this, shopkeepers have to pay increased rentals, which they try to adjust in their profits.

Pehnava Kart Solution:

After spending countless hours to understand the gaps and brain storming various solutions, we come up with an idea of having online store (mainly to avoid rental expense) and keeping the customer’s view throughout the process.

We have discussed (and have still been discussing) with manufactures to get the quality products rather than buying it from a chain as mentioned above.

Many of them refuse to have a direct deal, but thankfully we have been able to convince few of them to directly sell their products to us.

However, as these products are not sufficient to bring variety, we have been able to negotiate with wholesalers to cut down the long supply chain.

To add on to this, our focus is gaining customers satisfaction about products and making market is a better place than it is now.

If you have reached till here, we sincerely Thank you for reading this.

Please do check our products and try it at least once to be part of this revolution.


Thank you,
Sushama Borhade
Founder & CEO,
Pehnava Kart